Facial and Skin Treatments

Facials and Skin Treatments, Face-lifting Massage, HIFU and Dermabrasion

At McLaren Vale Retreat we use internationally recognised products and a variety of facial treatments and techniques to help you reach your wellness and aesthetic goals. Our philosophy is grounded in a ‘through-life’ perspective that adapts to life stages from youthful preservation and anti-aging through to youthful aging. 

Our Aesthetic treatments such as HIFU face-lifting and contouring, hydra-dermabrasion and micro-current use advanced, TGA-approved and quality assured technologies. (EMS contouring coming soon!)

Descriptions of our traditional facials and beauty treatments are included below the prices.

Skin and Facial Treatments Price List

Facial Treatments

Classic Facials

Includes consultation and customisation for your skin needs.

30mins    ….    $80.00

60mins    ….    $120.00

Signature “Pearl Gold” Facial

Using highest quality products sourced from Thailand.

60mins    ….    $129.00

Gua Sha Facelifting Massage and Facial

(See below for details on this traditional Chinese treatment.)

 60mins    ….    $145.00

90mins    ….    $190.00

HIFU (Lifting, Toning and Firming)

HIFU Jawline and Double Chin

Designed to improved the definition and contour of the jawline and to reduce fatty tissue that causes a double chin. Also improves collagen and reduces skin laxity in the jaw area.

 30mins    ….    $250.00

Half-Face (Lower)

A contouring and collagen regeneration treatment for the lower face (below cheek bones) and along the jawline and under chin.

45mins    ….    $550.00

Lower Face and Neck

Brings the benefits of HIFU to the lower-half of the face, jawline, under jaw and neck.

90mins    ….    $699.00


HIFU (Glow)

HIFU Glow is a superficial level of treatment (1.5mm) to refine the skin, remove fine lines, improve plumping and fulness, reduce pore size and can reduce some scarring (not Keloid) and pigmentation.

Full face

 45 mins    ….    $299.00

Full face and neck

60mins    ….    $399.00

Hydradermabrasion, Micro-current and Roccoco

Hydradermabrasion and 30 Classic Facial

A gentle treatment that deep cleanses the pores and intensely hydrates the skin for a lustrous glow.

 30mins    ….    $149.00

Roccoco Bio Youth Infusion Hydrafacial

This treatment incorporates the benefits of Roccoco Botanicals together with the hydradermabrasion to stimulate cell energy, intensely hydrate and smooth skin for a radiant finish.

45mins    ….    $550.00

Roccoco Botanicals Hydrating Facial

An express 30 min facial that provides deep cleansing and hydration using Roccoco Botanicals products.

30mins    ….    $85.00

Roccoco Botanicals Deluxe Facial

A luxurious 60 min facial protocol with multiple Roccoco Botanicals cleanses, mask, serum and moisturisers to  leave your skin glowing, refreshed and fully hydrated.

60mins    ….    $145.00

Roccoco Botanicals Dermal Lift with Microcurrent

Dermal Lift Facial instantly gives radiance, lifting and toning of the skin. It uses a combination of active ingredients with Micro-current to enhance penetration of the botanicals and improve muscle and collagen. Results are visible are a single treatment, however, best results are obtained through a course of 6 to 10 treatments 14 days apart.

90mins    ….    $295.00

Add Peptide Mask …. $30 (plus 15 mins)

Package of 5 treatments …. $1325.00 (Incl Mask on first and last)

Facials and Face Massage Descriptions

Classic Facial

During the initial consultation we will develop a customised treatment plan for your facial. It will include superficial and deep cleansing procedures, exfoliation, facial massage and application of a mask. (Individual procedures may vary depending on skin type.) Our Classic Facial uses Roccoco Botanicals or Dermologica products. These are amongst the most respected brands in aesthetics.

Signature "Gold Pearl" Facial

The Signature Facial follows the same procedure as Classic but uses products that we have sourced from a Thai developer of skin and beauty products for cleansing and treatment. Included in the Signature Facial is the Pearl Gold mask that slows the aging processes, moisturises and improves the mineral balance and colouration. After the Signature Facial your skin will look and feel radiant and rejuvenated.

Gua Sha Facelifting Massage and Facial Treatment

Gua Sha is a traditional style of Chinese massage that has been clinically proven to have many benefits used in both body and facial massage. Our Gua Sha face lifting massage has been developed by experts to improve facial muscle tone, stimulate collagen rejuvenation, improve circulation and lymphatic drainage and, over a series of treatments, is likely to lift contour of the face in target areas.

HIFU, Hydradermabrasion and Micro-current Treatments

Our skin and facial treatments are leading technology-based services using TGA approved technologies for non-surgical face-lifting, contouring and wrinkle reduction.

A key benefit of the treatments we offer is that there is no downtime! You can complete your treatments times that range from 30 minutes to approximately 90 minutes and then return to the rest of your day.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Our online bookings are now open soon for these treatments.

HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound)

HIFU is an exciting development that stimulates the body’s natural processes to reduce fatty tissue, stimulate collagen regeneration, increase blood flow and lymphatic drainage, stimulate the muscle layers beneath the skin to improve tone and contouring, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Different depths of HIFU treatment are used to achieve the outcomes.

Ultrasound is a proven technology that has been used for decades in various forms medical diagnostics and treatment. More recently, focused ultrasound technology has been developed for aesthetic treatments such as the ones we offer. In HIFU treatments the Ultrasound is ‘focused’ to work at different depths depending on the client’s desired results. The most common facial treatments are for non-surgical facial lifting, toning and firming using depths of both 3mm and 4.5mm. Once the treatment is performed, it should not be repeated until after 6 months has elapsed.

A second type of facial treatment called HIFU Glow treats at a depth of 1.5mm for treating the superficial layers of the skin and remove fine lines, plump the skin, provide a more ‘glowing’ complexion, and may assist in treating some scars (not Keloid scars) and pigmentation. This treatment can be repeated in between the deeper HIFU at intervals of 4 to 6 weeks.

A third use of HIFU is for body sculpting and contouring of areas such as arms, back, abdomen, buttocks and thighs. Deeper focal penetrations of between 6mm and 16mm are used depending on the area being treated. This contouring HIFU is used to reduce fatty tissue as well toning and tightening in the subcutaneous layers.

A key difference in the effects of HIFU treatment is that commonly there are immediate, visible results, however, the full effect of the treatment improve over the following 3 to 6 months and the effects are long-lasting. Depending on your personal goals you may only have two treatments 6 months apart, but the benefits will be in place for many years.

Talk to us about your aesthetic goals and how HIFU, HIFU Glow and related treatments can help you achieve them.


Dermabrasion has been in the beauty and aesthetics industry for years and is well known for its ability to improve the appearance of the skin on the face, most frequently by manually removing the top layers of skin cells through abrasive techniques.

We have invested in technology that provides more gentle, specialised, hydra-dermabrasion for deep cleansing and hydration of the skin and pores. Hydra-dermabrasion is a multi-stage process that uses a cleansing solution that penetrates the skin to clean deep into the pores, uses suction to remove the waste that can clog pores, gently peels away the dead skin cells without scratching or damaging the skin surface. The overall effect and deep cleansing provide a youthful regeneration and glow to the appearance of the skin.

Hydra dermabrasion can  be combined with other aesthetic techniques such as HIFU and Micro-current treatments (see below) or our range of facials to further enhance treatment effectiveness. While a single treatment can produce a pleasing result, best results are achieved with a course of 5 or more treatments depending on the individual and personal goals.

Micro-current and Electrical Muscle Stimulation Treatments (EMS)

Micro-current: While micro-current treatments have been around for some time general muscle stimulation and toning treatments, these (together with HIFU) are now becoming the ‘next big thing’ in aesthetic and facial treatments. Micro-current benefits include face lifting and enhanced definition of facial contours, skin tightening and firming, stimulation of collagen growth, lymphatic drainage, reduced puffiness, increased stimulation of cellular activity, improved oxygenation and diminished pigmentation.

Various treatment techniques can be used by the therapist to progress towards the desired outcomes. While a single treatment is useful, these treatments are best packaged into 6 to 8 multiple sessions with muscle and skin regeneration time between the sessions.

EMS also has a long history in treatments for improving muscle tone and body contouring, our new technology brings these benefits to the face. A series of muscle stimulation sessions can provide both immediate and long lasting effects. Facial EMS treatments using our aesthetic technology are coming soon… 

Exclusions and cautions for modern aesthetic treatments

About the contraindications, cautions, intake forms and customer responsibilities.

In normal circumstances our technology-based treatments carry minimal risk. When a customer is affected by some other condition, however, this can change. Even in the case of massage without any technology involved, there are cautions or exclusions for conditions such as recent injuries, high blood pressure and certain diseases. The same is true for technology-based, aesthetic treatments.

Please read the more detailed information regarding the conditions under which we cannot provide treatment, or when we require consent from your medical practitioner to perform the treatment. Then, when you book with us, you will be sent an intake form that you will need to complete before the day of the appointment. We will also perform an individual consultation session regarding any cautions and also to ensure mutual agreement regarding the expectations of the treatment.