Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic Massage

At McLaren Vale Retreat we tailor your massage and wellness experience to your needs. We ask about your concerns every time you visit and provide you the best treatment for you.

Our signature styles are influenced by training at the Chetawan School at the Wat Po temple in Thailand; one of the world’s very best massage schools and one of Thailand’s oldest medical schools.

Please see our prices and descriptions of massage styles below.

Health Insurance Rebate?

Please Note: Any customers who wish to claim a Private Health Insurance rebate for your massage MUST select a
Remedial Massage with one of our Accredited Remedial Massage therapists.

*Please note that we are not currently offering pregnancy massage.


All styles of massage except for Remedial, Aromatherapy and Hot Stones are the same price. You can specify the style when booking online.

Massage Style


Applies to all styles other than Remedial, Aromatherapy and Hot Stones.

30mins    ….    $65.00

60mins    ….    $99.00

90mins    ….    $140.00

120mins    ….    $180.00

Remedial massage

This is the only massage eligible for health insurance rebate claims and must be provided by an approved therapist.

30mins    ….    $70.00

60mins    ….    $109.00

90mins    ….    $150.00

120mins    ….    $185.00

Aromatherapy massage

We only use the best quality essential oils

30mins    ….    $75.00

60mins    ….    $110.00

90mins    ….    $155.00

120mins    ….    $190.00

Hot Stone massage

Warm stones are used to relax the muscles

60mins    ….    $125.00

90mins    ….    $165.00

120mins    ….    $229.00

Couples massage

You and that special someone can each choose your preferred style as per the styles and prices above.

60mins    ….    $195.00

90mins    ….    $280.00

120mins    ….    $360.00

Thai Healing Foot Massage

Improves circulation and lymphatic drainage, reduces stiffness in legs and feet, and the increases circulation to assist in healing and recovery. Foot massage creates a sense of tranquillity and well-being.

30mins    ….    $65.00

60mins    ….    $99.00

90mins    ….    $140.00

120mins   ….   $180.00

Massage Style Descriptions

Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage is more targeted to specific conditions that can benefit from soft muscle and soft tissue manipulation and treatment. Your therapist will clarify your requirements and set expectations about what may be achieved by your massage session. The focus of your session will be on the area of concern but depending on the duration of your massage you will still be treated holistically with our approach to massage. 

Remedial massage compliments other medical treatments and is not a substitute for advanced physiotherapy or medical practitioner services.

Private Health Insurance Rebates are ONLY available for Remedial Massage and must be provided by one of our accredited remedial massage therapists.

Thai Combination (with oil)

Thai combination massage brings together East and West and also combines the benefits of a deeper massage to resolve muscle knots and pains while still giving a wonderful feeling of peacefulness and the benefits of a relaxation massage. Thai massage is one of the most popular types of massage because of the completeness of the benefits. This is our signature style of massage.

Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy uses of essential oils incorporated into your chosen style of massage. The well-being properties of essential oils are well-researched, and when combined with massage the overall results are enhanced.

Relaxation Massage

Relaxation massage is a gentler style of massage, however, it still combines some focus on the knots and tightness that gets held in the muscles. 

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is especially suited to those experiencing painful muscles that result from deep knots and muscular tension. The deep pressure and focus on the problem areas (often neck, shoulders and back) will reduce muscle soreness muscle stress. In this type of massage we apply deep pressure (often using thumbs and elbows) and focused, concentrated, slower pressures to break up the knots, and break down the tension between connective tissues and muscles. 

Neck, Back and Shoulders Massage

When we feel stress it is often carried as tension in our neck, back and shoulders. This massage gives a specific focus on these areas to loosen up these muscle groups. Most customers report an immediate relief from those tension headaches.

Hot Stone Massage

Your therapist will carefully place warmed stones on your back to warm important pressure points and relax the muscles. You will then be massaged with the warm stones to increase the overall benefits of the massage on the muscles.

This treatment dates back more than 2000 years to healing and therapeutic services practiced in China. Similar techniques were also found in first nations’ communities in North America, Hawaii and south pacific islands.

*NOTE: This massage may not be suitable if you have heart disease, skin conditions, diabetes or neuropathy. Please consult your medical practitioner first for written approval if you have any of these conditions.

Thai Traditional Massage (without oil)

As can be seen from the ancient medical drawings from the Wat Po Temple in Bangkok, Thai massage has a long and rich history in alternative healing therapies. Thai massage is holistic in its approach and can relax as well as promote wellness and improve energy flow throughout the body. In particular, this form of massage helps you to regain a sense of “balance” through the pressure applied to the body’s meridians (energy flow lines). The massage is combined with stretches and deep work on knots in the muscles. This traditional form of massage is very good at improving circulation.

Couples Massage

“Couples” massage provides a time to unwind together with your partner or someone close to you.

Thai Healing Foot Massage

The benefits of Thai Healing Foot Massage are experienced throughout the body due to the stimulation of the pressure points along the meridians (“energy lines”) on the feet and lower leg. Health benefits include improvements to circulation and lymphatic drainage, reduction of stiffness in legs and feet, and the increase in circulation assists in healing and recovery and creates a sense of tranquillity and well-being.